AL-MARYAM’s mission is to bring the community back to love, peace, divine worship, acceptance, reconciliation and more – which are the basic teachings of all religions. We have developed this Church into an inter-faith religious and communal place with the objectives:






It could be the pioneer project to offer interfaith services in PRACTICE to:

  • Bring harmony amongst followers of diverse religions to create an atmosphere of ACCEPTANCE;   

  • Create and exhibit tolerance, LOVE & PEACE amongst diverse communal groups;

  • Help community and the government to reduce HATE crimes, EXTREMISM & TERRORISM.


We are here to set a practical example for diverse critics who do ‘BUSINESS’ in the name of their religions - and also for sectarian factions in one religion.

Our Objectives:


AL-MARYAM’s main purpose / objectives are the promotion of religious harmony for the benefit of the public by:


(a) calling the public of different religious beliefs for an awareness of their distinctive features and their common ground to promote good relations between persons of different faiths;


(b) promoting knowledge and mutual understanding and respect of the beliefs and practices of different religious faiths.

(c) by offering open and covered space [2 halls] to the local residents for their family functions, get-togethers, fun-parties, birthdays etc on gas & power expenses only.


To further or benefit the residents of STOKE ON TRENT and especially the neighbourhood around, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political, religious or other opinions by associating together the said residents and the local authorities, voluntary and other organisations in a common effort to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation and leisure time occupation with the objective of improving the conditions of life for the residents.


We are a group of persons working as a CHARITABLE ORGANISATION under the titles of AL-MARYAM [registered with The Charity Commission for England & Wales – no:1181384]. We got hold of an old run-down CHURCH, comprising of TWO halls + more rooms having 7440 sq ft space at 0.91 acres of land quite near the city centre, but closed since about 12 years [St Paul’s Church in ST2 0LL].


It required extensive repairs as there was no power, no water, no gas, no doors, no toilets, no flooring, ruined driveway, boundary-walls nearly non-existing – in short it was only a structure of bricks & mortar; the address being:


[former St Paul's Church

Winchester Ave, STOKE ON TRENT ST2 0LL.


Now we've made it ready for community use. It was being used by delinquent people for anti-social activities; BUT has been restored back with the above address. 


Our message will, of course, reach in the neighbourhood so their youngsters at home would come up as better citizens in due course.


Still some work is going on over the premises - and in fact much is to be done yet but we've started our activities for the community service. The main halls are now available to the people [Tc & Cc apply] for their family party functions. 


The local MP, the councillors and the STOKE COUNCIL have also appreciated our plans enthusiastically. The community around the premises has welcomed the project and in fact they are delighted at large.

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