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AL-MARYAM loves its neighbourhood and the community around. It is here to provide a place to sit together - have FREE tea / coffee -  and share their feelings and thoughts - and pray collectively for all.

Sufism is mystical branch within Islam that deals with the purification of inner self and is the way which removes all the veils between divine and man. If one seeks to find the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal experience of God - it is called Sufism and is in practice since centuries.


A Sufi is an adherent of that mystical, ascetic branch of Islam - abstaining from worldly pleasures and concentrating all of your energy on spiritual development. Sufism emphasizes personal experience with the divine rather than focusing on the teachings of human religious scholars.


Sufi practices are sometimes viewed as un-Islamic or heretical by some of the ‘fundamentalist Muslim sects’, who disapprove of song and dance as distractions from worship. Thus the Sufis have long been considered as more ‘liberal Muslims’ -their goal is to approach Allah during this lifetime as opposing to the materialism.

A Sufi’s main object is to bring humanity closer together in the deeper understanding of life. It is a preparation for a world service, chiefly in three ways:

  • Firstly; through the philosophical understanding of life;

  • Secondly; through bringing about brotherhood among races, nations, and creeds;

  • Thirdly: through meeting the world’s greatest need…that natural religion which has always been the religion of humanity: to respect one another’s belief & scripture.


Sufism is NOT a new religion – it cannot be. It is the continuation of all the great religions which have come at various times to serve the mankind; which was the desire of all the prophets. Sufis have the ideal of devoting a part or the whole of their life to the service of humanity in the path of truth.


The followers of SUFISM may belong to different religions - all are welcome; Christians, Buddhists, Parsis, Sikhs, Muslims and others. No one’s faith or belief is questioned; each can follow his own church, religion, and creed - there is freedom of thought while keeping the ONE GOAL to help and serve the human beings for GOD’s will and pleasure.

                   [The use of the word God in above quote is a translation of the word 'Allah'; meant to reference the almighty for followers of Islam , and not necessarily the GOD mentioned in other religions]

NOW-A DAYS young generations of Non-Muslims in America & Europe love Sufism more - knowingly that it is another aspect or dimension of Islam.



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