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Title of the A/C:   AL-MARYAM

A/C no:                 31157254

Sort Code:             50-30-10

Bank:                    NATWEST

                             Kensington, Royal Garden Branch

                             Kensington High Street

                             LONDON   W8 5ZG   


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What is Gift Aid?

The UK Government [HMRC] allows charities to claim back tax on donations. This tax relief is called ‘Gift Aid’.


Gift Aid is great because it means charities get extra money added to their donations at no extra cost to the donor.

HMRC Charity Ref: ZD00282

Dear Sir / Madam


In early 2018; AL-MARYAM selected one run-down premises, a CHURCH closed since December 2009 [at least], in a less privileged area of STOKE ON TRENT and started working on it for community use. It required extensive repairs as it was only a structure of bricks & mortar; now it stands established - the address being: Winchester Halls, Winchester Ave, STOKE ON TRENT ST2 0LL. 

More details of our project be seen at


Since about a year, AL-MARYAM is open for the public and community services are being offered to the neighbourhood. Functions and public gatherings are there now. Since April 2019, another local charity titled as Bentilee Volunteers is running its Charity Shop here; it has been a nice experience for both.


AL-MARYAM’s mission is to bring the mankind back to love, peace, divine worship, tolerance, reconciliation and more – which are the basic teachings of all religions. We have developed this campus into EVERYONE’S PRAYER PLACE seeking SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE through SUFISM.


It is now the pioneer project to offer interfaith services in PRACTICE to:

  • Bring harmony amongst followers of diverse religions;   

  • Create and exhibit tolerance amongst diverse communal groups;

  • Help community and the government to reduce HATE crimes;

  • Set a practical example for diverse critics who play ‘POLITICS’ in the name of religions and religious sectarianism.


Here at AL-MARYAM’s premises, Muslims gather every Friday, Christians assemble every Sunday and on Saturdays all our neighbours mostly old, handicapped and less privileged come for community talks / chats. In all gatherings we serve our attending groups with FREE tea & coffee and refreshments.


If you agree with us and approve our programs then kindly donate us generously. Bank details are given below where you can send cheques, bank transfers or better to put a standing order in place as monthly contribution. Join us and be a member of AL-MARYAM; it requires only 2GBP a month to start with.


BANK details are:

Title of the A/C: AL-MARYAM;

A/C no: 31157254;

Sort Code: 50-30-10;

Bank: NATWEST Royal Garden Branch,

Kensington High Street LONDON W8 5ZG.


AL-MARYAM is a registered CHARITY with The Charity Commission of England & Wales [No: 1181384] and stands approved by the HMRC to receive GIFT-AID.    


With profound regards


Trustee / Caretaker


Extract from .... GOV.UK  [About Gift Aid?]


Making a donation on behalf of a company:


You can only make Gift Aid declarations on your own taxpayer status when spending your own money. However, a company can claim tax relief on the donation when donating directly to the charity.


How much can companies donate to charity?


Partnership Contributions: For example, if the partnership has three equal partners and donates a total of 1,500GBP to charity in a year, the partners can each claim 500GBP in charitable deductions.

How do gift aid payments make my tax matters better?

Charities don't pay tax on most types of income, which is why the tax paid on financial gifts can be claimed back. Your donations won't qualify for Gift Aid if they're more than four times what you've paid in tax that tax year. If you stop paying enough tax at any point, you must tell the charity you're donating to.


How does Gift Aid benefits me?

Example: You donate £100 to charity - they claim Gift Aid to make your donation £125. You pay 40% tax so you can personally claim back £25.00 (£125 x 20%). With Payroll Giving, you do not pay the difference between the higher and basic rate of tax on your donation.


Does giving to charity reduce tax?

The charitable donation deduction allows you to lower your taxable income for donations or gifts to qualified, tax-exempt organizations.


Your limited company pays less Corporation Tax when it gives the following to charity:


You can claim tax relief by deducting the value of your donations from your total business profits before you pay tax.


How to claim


There are different ways to claim tax relief depending on the type of donation you make.


Deduct from your profits


Claim relief in the Company Tax Return that covers the period during which you made the donation or sale if you have:

  • donated money

  • given or sold land, property or shares

Enter the total value of your donations in the ‘Qualifying donations’ box of the ‘Deductions and Reliefs’ section of your tax return. There are special rules for working out the value of your donation if you give or sell land, property or shares to a charity.


Deduct as business expenses


Deduct costs as normal business expenses in your company’s annual accounts if you have:

  • seconded employees

  • sponsored a charity


Claim capital allowances


Claim capital allowances on the cost of equipment you donate in your company’s annual accounts.

Sponsoring a charity


Charity sponsorship payments are different from donations because your company gets something related to the business in return.

You can deduct sponsorship payments from your business profits before you pay tax by treating them as business expenses.


What qualifies


Payments qualify as business expenses if the charity:

  • publicly supports your products or services

  • allows you to use their logo in your own printed material

  • allows you to sell your goods or services at their event or premises

  • links from their website to yours

If you’re unsure whether a charity payment qualifies as a sponsorship payment or a donation, contact the charities helpline.


Donating money


Your limited company can pay less Corporation Tax when it gives money to a charity.


Deduct the value of the donations from your total business profits before you pay tax.


Payments that don’t qualify


You can’t deduct payments that:

  • are loans that will be repaid by the charity

  • are made on the condition that the charity will buy property from your company or anyone connected with it

  • are a distribution of company profits (eg dividends)


If you’re given something in return


Any benefits you’re given in return for your donation (eg tickets to an event) must be below a certain value.

This applies to benefits given to any person or company connected with your company, including close relatives.

If you get a benefit that’s related to the company your donation qualifies as a sponsorship payment.

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