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for AL-MARYAM's friends & patrons 

During February 2021, al-maryam has successfully launched its 2nd venue in Gr MANCHESTER; carrying on with the same FOOD-GIVING activity as in STOKE ON TRENT - but more concentrating on needs of the BAME communities & groups.

It's an honour for us that MINHAJ UL QURAN International will be our partner in Manchester for our food-giving operation; see the side-banner for details. More days will be added soon.

AL-MARYAM's Food-Serving Activity
During FEBRUARY 2021
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Welcome to


It's a matter of pride and pleasure for AL-MARYAM to stand by DEFRA, FARESHARE & MORRISONS to deliver 200 food-boxes every week [FREE] at the door-steps of the needy people

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another feather in our cap... 

...the COOKED MEALS giving-away program at MINHAJ ul QURAN premises in Manchester is running successfully

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