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On each WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY from 2pm to 4pm AL-MARYAM [registered Charity no:1181384] runs its FOOD-GIVING program for the economically affected community due to Covid-19 at WINCHESTER HALLS, Winchester Ave STOKE ON TRENT ST2 0LL.

The program is two-fold; one part is FOOD BOX under which AL-MARYAM gives away raw food items in boxes. Each box contains essential eatables for about 3 days of emergency for a family of 2-4.


The 2nd part is OPEN KITCHEN under which we give away cooked food to individuals and families. The cooked food was once provided by the MUSLIM HANDS but then Staffs Community Foundation and The National Lottery [tnl] Community Funding took over this function. We serve the needy people with due respect & smiles.

Disabled, over-aged and handicapped friends inform us about their needs and addresses via text at our mobile phone or FB page or email; we drop the stuff at their door-steps after session at Winchester Halls is over.

AL-MARYAM expanded the above program for three days a week in July 2020; and started giving-away raw and cooked meals to [mainly] Somalians and homeless English people in Rusholme area of MANCHESTER. Every time we expect more people  because no charity, Church or NGO serves cooked food for the needy people in ST2 postcode of STOKE ON TRENT at least and generally in Manchester

At two points, in STOKE ON TRENT & MANCHESTER, ladies & gentlemen come to our venue to collect food, raw & cooked [Chicken Pilau / Ch Tikka Masalah / Ch Korma (English) Yogurt + one muffin / apple + water / soft drink] for their families but our main focus is on making boxes of raw food & Cooked Meal-bags delivered at the door steps of the less-privileged / needy people, too-old, handicapped people in our neighbourhood. 

AL-MARYAM is specially thankful to a dedicated team of Volunteers lead by LISA HULME and Aliya Hashmi for extending us their immense help to make our program successful. These are noble souls full of innovative ideas, energy, tirelessness and smiles - always found keen to help others.

Behind the curtain there is one NAJEEB ULLAH, MD of Golden Arts Print & Design who worked during late night hours to make out designs, banners and print material needed for the program. Standing by Mr Najeeb is Mr Irfan Khan [IFFI k - the celebrity singer], Shahzad Mirza and Uzair Iqbal for all seasons to come.


Salute to all of them - three cheers and sincere prayers.   

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It was our beginning .....

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