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AL-MARYAM, in cooperation with URDU GLOBAL TEAM, is engaged with FREE FOOD-GIVING activities since the 1st day of COVID19 in UK, till today - project is on-going; M Shehzad Mirza is the main ORGANIZER of each event here.

Friends, Traders, Importers & Business Owners of HALAL Groceries are requested to contact us if they have surplus or short-dated stocks to dispose off.

Why not to donate us instead of WASTING it.
We'll pick up from your place FREE.

Text: 07737471959
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3rd September 2022
Food-Giving-1 030922.jpg
Food-Giving-2 030922.jpg
Food-Giving-3 030922.jpg
Food-Giving-4 030922.jpg
Food-Giving-5 030922.jpg
17th September 2022
17th September 2022
Food-Giving-1 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-3 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-4 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-2 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-5 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-6 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-7 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-9 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-8 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-10 170922.jpg
Food-Giving-5 030922.jpg
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