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With the spread of the novel COVID-19 causing significant global disruption in 2020, the UK escalated its response by announcing strict country-wide measures.


On 23rd March 2020; after ordering pubs, bars, restaurants, theatres, gyms and leisure centres across the country to close indefinitely, PM Boris Johnson outlined strict exercise and shopping limits, ordering all shops other than food stores and pharmacies to close, and implementing a ban on public gatherings of two or more people.


First Secretary of State Dominic Raab announced on 16th April 2020 that the UK lock-down would continue for at least another three weeks.

The corona-virus outbreak was obviously a huge worry and looks likely to be challenging for our older population so it was more important than ever to be vigilant and look out for older friends, neighbours and relatives to make sure they’re okay. Food banks recorded a record spike in demand as the Covid pandemic continues to cause hardship across Britain.

An 81 per cent increase in emergency food parcels were delivered in the first two weeks of March compared to the same period last year, according to the Trussell Trust, which reported its "busiest ever period"There was a 122 per cent rise in donations to children alone.

The un-seen phenomenon brought a coalition of anti-poverty charities call for renewed support for vulnerable people, and highlighted those financially hit by Covid-19.

As the outbreak spread, food banks in the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) saw the need for food parcels rocket, reporting an average 59 per cent rise in need from February to March - 17 times higher than this time last year. Covid-19 made the world a very different place. Some of our institutions could never recover. Among the most vulnerable were the world’s biggest cities. 

Covid-19, unlike a terrorist attack, didn’t destroy the physical fabric of cities. There was no fire, no smoke. Instead, what was torn to pieces was our willingness to be around other people. Other people were seen as suspicious — a potential source of viral infection. We all knew the awkward dance one performed to put more space between ourselves and an oncoming pedestrian. Crowds, meanwhile, were utterly terrifying. And we exactly saw our city without crowds. 

We, at AL-MARYAM, did our best to stand by the community in Manchester & Stoke On Trent in such hours of need. Since early April we've been delivering FOOD [cooked & raw] to the affected people from Covid-19 in MANCHESTER in coordination with Mustafai Charity and Qadria Jilania Mosque - and then for STOKE ON TRENT also our program marked its presence:


  • The Program started with once a week [FRIDAYs] giving-away raw food and cooked meals but just after 3 weeks we made it TWICE a week; on each WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY. The days were to be increased with increase in number of recipients.

  • The giving out time was settled as from 2pm till 4pm or till we’ve stuff / parcels for that day.   

  • It was a bag of essential eatable items of daily need and cooked meal.


On 8th May 2020, we’ll arrange bags for 15-20 people. The future need will be assessed to make more arrangements for next timings.


  • Three ladies / gentlemen will also be required as VOLUNTEERS on these days to help us for 2-3 hours. Interested ones can send their names & contacts at e-mail given below.


  • The generous friends are also requested to place their ‘DONATION STUFF’ on the tables inside to add up our commodities – we’ll appreciate the gesture. We can also pick the stuff from a given place if in reasonable quantities. 


Disabled, over-aged and handicapped friends are requested to inform us about their needs and addresses via text at the phone given below; we’ll drop the stuff at their door-steps after session at Winchester Halls would be over.


[A Charity registered with

The Charity Commission for England & Wales – no: 1181384]


01782 213764

07737 471959 [Texts only] 

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It's the beginning....

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