AL-MARYAM selected one run-down premises, a CHURCH closed since December 2009 [at least] and started working on it for community use. It was being used by delinquent youngsters for drug consumption and as a rubbish-dump.


It required extensive repairs as there was no power, no water, no gas, no doors, no toilets, no flooring, ruined driveway, boundary-walls nearly non-existing – in short it was only a structure of bricks & mortar. It was:


St Paul Church, Winchester Ave, STOKE ON TRENT ST2 0LL


BUT in what condition we got it - see some images below:

Registered Charity no: 1181384

.....AND that was devastated
ST PAUL CHURCH - we got me Lord

Here under is what you see it NOW....

...as Winchester Halls

Following is the SPECIAL SECTION for the FCC

As we were unable to add images / photos [of the doors, windows and the entrance path for the handicapped & wheel-chaired residents] at the given place in application form - so the same being added to reflect that what is to be done here at our premises. On the basis of it we've made out our proposal and that'll be the starting point of al-maryam's whole project. 

The other images would also show that how vast the premises al-maryam has got and how we want to serve our community around - but it is possible only due to donors' generous help.



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